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Social Responsibilty

First and foremost Raeburn is a people company whose management and staff are instinctively dedicated to helping and supporting people. 

Raeburn is committed to integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into all our business activities and are committed to ensuring our business values of honesty and respect for human rights align with those of our employees, candidates and customers. 

We recognise our obligations to act responsibly and ethically and are committed to conducting our business with clients and suppliers in a fair and honest manner. We treat clients and customers with respect and seek to build mutually beneficial, strong, value focussed relationships for the long term. 

We value and promote diversity in all areas of recruitment and employment committing to policies that promote an environment where all employees can reach their full potential and feel responsible for the performance and reputation of Raeburn. We aim to create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of our employees are recognised and valued and where training, development and progression opportunities are available. 


Our work in our community is driven by our employees and the company in equal measure, showing the strong commitment that is embedded in our culture. Raeburn adapt to the evolving needs of local communities and contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of society. 

Since 1991 Raeburn Healthcare’s (a division of Raeburn Group Limited) business has been caring for and looking after vulnerable groups and helping people in need. For Raeburn social responsibility is not just a few words in a company policy or procedure but a whole way of life which is instinctively delivered and continually practiced in our day to day operations.

Raeburn has a long track record in supporting local and national charities with voluntary work, staff fund raising and charitable contributions. 

The Environment

Raeburn accepts our obligation to reduce the impact of business activities on the environment and is committed to making continuous improvement in the management of our environmental impact. 

To achieve these objectives Raeburn adopt best practice and contribute by developing innovative solutions to the environmental issues and problems facing our business sectors. In this regard Raeburn continually strive to improve our impact on the environment by: 
  • Conducting our activities in full knowledge of, and compliance with, the requirements of applicable environmental legislation and approved Codes of Practice. 
  • Assessing the environmental impact of all past, current and likely future operations, and fully integrate environmental considerations and objectives into its business decisions.
  • Minimising consumption of natural resources, including energy, water and raw materials, as far as is economically practicable. 
  • Preventing pollution and minimise emissions. 
  • Reducing the production of waste and develop effective waste management and recycling procedures, as well as disposing of unavoidable waste in such a way as to minimise its environmental impact. 
  • Establishing environmental objectives and targets, and measure performance against these targets. 
  • Raising awareness amongst members of staff through appropriate education and training, encouraging them to become more environmentally responsible. 
  • Encouraging awareness of, and commitment to, improved environmental performance amongst suppliers and customers. 
  • Communicating this policy to members of staff to ensure that they take an active role in its implementation and review.