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Pay-Rolling Recruitment

Since 1981 Raeburn set the standard in the provision of total cost effective and professional Contractor Pay-rolling Services for the management of ‘client sourced’ agency workers in the UK and overseas.

Raeburn’s experience in this field ranges from on-boarding single numbers to large teams of Agency Workers for specific projects and client operational requirements at various sites onshore, offshore in the UK and overseas.

Raeburn’s dedicated Contractor Management Team are excel in this area and have the experience, processes and procedures to offer our clients the leading cost effective and professional available, all underlined by our excellent reputation within the industry.

Our track record and dedicated staff ensure both our Clients and Agency Workers receive a personal, professional, efficient, comprehensive and stress free service, with all documentation processed, recorded and issued in a timely manner and in accordance with client and agency worker requirements.

Raeburn’s Contractor Management Team place great importance on establishing and maintaining an excellent and open working relationship with our Clients and Agency Workers resulting in the provision of an excellent service which our clients continue to request.

Raeburn’s Contractor Management Team is:

  • Focused, Highly Experienced, Localised and Professional
  • HS&E Centric
  • Legally and Client Requirement Compliant
  • Comprehensive and Personalised
  • Cost Effective
  • Sole / Main Supplier for many of our industry’s Large UK and International Clients
  • Supporting Onshore, Offshore and International Projects and Operations
  • Managing Large and Small Numbers of Client Sourced Agency Workers
  • Carrying out Skills Testing and Pre-engagement Screening on behalf of our clients
  • Focused Purely on On-boarding, Pay-rolling and Daily Support Services for our Clients and Agency Workers, allowing our clients to focus on their core activities with total confidence that Raeburn are ensuring legislative compliance, improved audit trails, tax and social security returns, quick resolution of queries to prevent pay delays, and producing effective management reports and real-time management information to support business decisions.

As with all Agency Workers recruited by Raeburn, all personnel undergo the full pre-engagement screening process to ensure complete compliance with all legislative and client requirements.

Raeburn are committed to supporting our Agency Workers at every stage during their assignment to ensure they can focus on delivering 100% of their time and effort to our clients.