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Is Your Agency Failing to Pay You on Time?

Within the recruitment industry the vast majority of reputable and professional agencies are committed to providing the highest quality of service to their agency workers. However if you ever find yourself in a position where your agency is failing to make payment to you in accordance with your agreement here are a few tips for you to consider……

  • Do not send them any more of your timesheets.
  • Immediately alert your Client Line Manager. 
  • Your client will help resolve the situation to your satisfaction. 
  • Act quickly to ensure minimal or no losses.
  • If you continue to send timesheets to an agency which is not paying you, you increase the chances of losses.
  • Only return to regular timesheet submission when full payment of outstanding amounts has been made.
  • For timesheets still in your possession do not submit them all at once. Submit them one or two at a time to prove the payment process is working as agreed. 
  • Under no circumstances continue to send your timesheets to an agency that is failing to pay you.
  • Continue to provide your services to your client in a professional manner.

For more information on the services Raeburn can provide to Agency Workers please see our Candidates page or Contact Us

NB - The above is given for general advice purposes only.