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Don't take risks, use RISQS!

Andrew Selwyn, Managing Director - London


I’ve spent the best part of 26 years recruiting for clients in the rails sector. I don’t think I’ve seen a period during that time that has been as busy as it is right now. There’s not a day goes by where I don’t see a newspaper article or an online post hammering home the facts about the massive skill shortage our industry faces.

So what happens in times of skill shortages? The work still has to be done, and the projects have to be completed, ideally on time and to budget. Well it’s fairly simple in theory; you take skills from another area, whether that be another industry, sector or country and bring them into ours. But of course, in practice, it’s far from simple…

One of the biggest issues facing us all when introducing candidates from other sectors isn’t their technical skill set, it’s getting the candidates to understand and embrace the safety culture. Our rail industry is fairly unique in terms of safety. There aren’t many other industries where 400 tonnes of metal are passing you by within a couple of meters of your work space at speeds of up to 125mph, more often than not separated by a thin blue fence.


Over the past few years we have seen 1000’s of new candidates enter our market and the need for blue helmets has increased significantly. (For those of you not involved in the rail sector, all new workers on Network Rail’s Managed Infrastructure must wear a blue helmet following initial training)


Moreover, the vast majority of these new workers aren’t actually employed by the organisation for which they are performing they’re duties, they’re supplied by “employment businesses”. Choosing a reputable employment business to partner with is absolutely critical when it comes to:

1. finding the right technical calibre of personnel for your business and, more importantly,

2. ensuring that the personnel supplied have the necessary safety training and competencies in order to do their job whilst maintaining the safety of themselves and those around them

At Raeburn Group we are very proud of our safety record. We work very closely with our customers to understand the safety culture of their business and we work in partnership to ensure that the candidates that we supply to our customers are well trained, well briefed and that their safety competencies are up to date prior to entering employment with your business.


We are approved under the Achilles RISQS scheme (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) to supply permanent recruitment services in 18 categories, known as Product Groups, meaning we can meet our customer’s entire staffing needs. Below is a comprehensive list of all of the product groups we hold:


Product Code                  Product Name Status
04.74.01 SER Secretarial
04.74.02 SER Finance
04.74.03 SER Information Management
04.74.04 SER Technical
04.74.05 SER Commercial
04.74.06  SER Project Management
04.74.07  SER Safety
04.74.08 SER Commercial Property
04.74.09 SER Maintenance Staff
04.74.10  SER Executive Search & Selection


04.74.12  SER Government & Corporate Affairs
04.74.13  SER Legal
04.74.15  SER Planning & Estimating
04.74.16  SER Risk & Value
04.74.17  SER Six Sigma
04.74.18  SER Design & Architect Services
04.74.19  Strategic Change & Analysis

We welcome enquiries from new customers who are looking to partner with a recruitment business who can deliver the technical skill set required whilst in conjunction with the correct personal attitude towards the safety and the wellbeing of those around them.


Please get in touch with me at or 07788 316130