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Raeburn’s continuing success in supporting our candidates is built upon the quality and dedication of our staff who are dedicated to providing you with a great recruitment service.

The reward for Raeburn and our staff is in doing what we enjoy. By providing a professional and reliable service we individually benefit from and enjoy the people we meet and the professional relationships we develop along the way. Raeburn’s owners, directors, management and staff are instinctive relationship builders and never take this enviable position for granted ensuring that complacency never creeps into any part of the service we provide.

Established in 1981 Raeburn are clearly here for the long term. Raeburn are privately owned and not influenced by investors who demand a quick financial gain at any price. Our long term approach to supporting our candidates through their career aspirations is why Raeburn was established and why our business, staff and services are regarded so highly.

Raeburn truly are a ‘people business’ and as all our candidates past and present will attest are committed to providing a ‘best in class service’ every step of the way we travel together.